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Safety Topic: Job Site Housekeeping

Clean Up

Construction sites are oftentimes very hectic and busy with many workers, contractors, and vendors simultaneously working together on different things within the site. These sites can present many dangers to everyone involved if good housekeeping is not done. A tidy work area reduces the risks of injuries and can also increase fire safety. Learn best practices in this quick 5 minute safety talk on housekeeping!


Tidying up is the last thing anyone wants to do at the end of a long day. There are some tips you can put in place that will make that job a little easier. If you implement these housekeeping rules and try using them all day long you should see a reduction in injuries as well as a cleaner job site.

Housekeeping Do’s
• Designate an area for rubbish and waste
• Stack and store materials safely
• Maintain a safe work area
• Keep access routes clear
• Put tools away when you are done
• Set a tidy example
• If it is broken, fix it
• Do not let cables or rope trip you up
• Avoid fire risks
• Make others aware

Housekeeping Dont’s
• Do not throw tools or other materials.
• Do not raise or lower any tool or equipment by its own cable or supply hose.

Reasons for Housekeeping
If good housekeeping is not practiced on a job site then it tends to just become one big pile of mess. That pile can then be a big, hazardous obstacle course for everyone that works there. This can lead to injuries and accidents.

Poor housekeeping contributes to causing accidents by hiding hazards that can cause injuries. If you accept that paper, materials, trash, and tools all over the site are normal and refuse to clean them up then you may miss when more serious health and safety hazards are present.

Poor housekeeping can also contribute to fires. Avoid excessive storage of boxes and other combustible material. Make sure stored materials never block any exit, walkways, electrical panels, or equipment.

Accidents Caused By Poor Housekeeping
Keeping a site clean and organized is an ongoing operation. Periodic or pain cleanups are not effective and are often costly and do not reduce accidents. Housekeeping must be done regularly not just at the end of the shift. Poor housekeeping can cause accidents. These can include but are not limited to:

• Tripping over loose objects on floors, stairs, and platforms
• Being hit by falling objects
• Slipping on greasy, wet, or dirty surfaces
• Striking projecting objects, poorly stacked items, or misplaced material
• Cutting, puncturing, or tearing the skin of hands or other parts of the body on projecting nails, wire or steel strapping
• Property damage incidents involving moving equipment or vehicles
• Caught in/between injuries


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