Patriot General Engineering, Inc.

Patriot General Recognized by CHP

CHP Officer Jared Grieshaber presents Patriot General's Ben Garcia with a plaque.

CHP Officer Jared Grieshaber recently dropped by our yard to present Ben Garcia with a plaque commemorating Patriot General Engineering’s support of the 2023 California Highway Patrol SoCal Explorer Competition.

The 2nd annual event, which took place at El Capitan High School on August 4-6, 2023, “…is a competition designed to be very demanding on the physical and mental capabilities of each Explorer. Events will be designed to test the strengths and limitations of a person’s intelligence, personality, demeanor, and physical abilities, as well as dedication and conviction to the Explorer Program. Explorers will be allowed to test their skills in real-life situations including, but not limited to, Traffic Stops and Building Searches, just to name a few. These events will be held both in daylight and nighttime scenarios. The competition will test the Explorers’ physical abilities and teamwork through obstacle courses and a tug of war. Mental abilities will also be tested through a variety of events including a Law Enforcement Entry Level Written Exam.”

Encouraging professionalism, teamwork, and a competitive spirit among the competitors is the goal, along with elevating the standard of law enforcement. The competition aims to instill the ideals of honesty, service, and community involvement in the future generation of law enforcement personnel.

Patriot General is proud to support the California Highway Patrol and all law enforcement.
About the Program: The California Highway Patrol’s Explorer Program is designed for young men and women, 15 to 20 years of age, allowing them to develop the skills and knowledge needed to serve the people of California through discipline and a commitment to serving their community. Explorers assist the CHP both in office and out in the field. The experience they obtain here will be directly applicable to a future in law enforcement, while building relationships – with other Explorers, in the community they serve, and within the CHP. Explorers receive physical fitness training, medical training, organizational, and clerical training. As an Explorer, you’ll attend Community Service events, staff DUI Checkpoints, participate in a ride along in the field, and compete in Explorer Competitions. ‘Explore’ your future in Law Enforcement as a CHP Explorer. To learn more about the CHP Explorer Program, visit


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